Moscow does not stop provocations because of the insufficiently harsh response to past cases of violations of international law – former commander of the US forces in Europe Frederick Hodges.

“So the Alliance has become more powerful. We have protect ourselves more better in the middle of NATO and have introduced sanctions, but we have definitely not changed the behavior of the Kremlin, which since 2008 (in Georgia) do in Ukraine that what they do now. “, – the lieutenant general of the US Army in retired

Hodges is confident that the Russians will not only not retract back down from aggressive behavior and expansion, but will also move forward: “And I think that, unfortunately, this is exactly what will happen in Ukraine in the summer. It will be hot in the summer. And not only because of the weather. In particular, around the Sea of Azov. ” Odessa is also on the “menu”; maybe not this year, but next. Depends on their confidence.

Hodges said that despite the Kremlin’s statements about the withdrawal of forces accumulated near Ukraine in the spring, “no one above the rank of sergeant believes in it for a second.”

So far, they are right to believe that NATO and US do nothing in return. This is a challenge to us. Convince them that we are ready, “said a military expert on European security. He complained that “too many” politicians in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, The Hague and even Washington “believe that the situation in the Black Sea region does not concern them, that “it is Russian, there is no point in getting into a conflict.”

“Nobody wants a conflict with the Russian Federation. Nobody. But the best way not to get into it is to let them know very clear that we are ready for a conflict and to destroy them, if necessary,” Hodges said.