The Czech Republic will close visa offices in all its consulates on the territory of Russia from July 1. The diplomatic mission announced this on June 30.

“Registration for applying for long-term visas, long-term stays and permanent residences is canceled. Visa processes for those who submitted their visa applications before June 30, 2021, inclusive, are temporarily suspended. The issuance of previously approved visas is also terminated,” the statement says.

Accordingly, now Russians with a residence permit who have visited Russia or another country with an extreme risk of coronavirus infection and have been there for more than 12 hours in the past 14 days cannot get to the Czech Republic.

Recall that Russia included the Czech Republic in the list of “unfriendly” countries, and the Czech Republic itself expelled 18 Russian diplomats from the country in connection with Moscow’s involvement in the explosions at ammunition depots in 2014.