Territorial claims to the largest country in the world, Estonian presidential candidate Genn Pilluaas announced at the congress of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia.

The politician speaks about the modern parts of the Leningrad and Pskov regions of Russia – Ivangorod with its surroundings and the city of Pechora with adjacent villages. These cities were part of the first independent Republic of Estonia, but in 1944 Moscow annexed them to the Russian regions.

He noted that Russia annexed the eastern Estonian lands in the same way as it occupied the Ukrainian Crimea and part of the Donbass – only 70 years earlier. So, I must return everything. Moreover, parts of Georgia – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – found themselves in the same situation.

Let us recall that according to the Tartu Peace Treaty, concluded in 1920, Ivangorod and Pechory were ceded to Estonia, but the aggressor country recognizes this treaty only as a historical document and does not consider it valid.