Vladimir Putin approved the national security strategy. Thus, Russia continues to build up militaristic sentiments among the population, traditionally frightening Russians with external enemies (EU, NATO) and transnational corporations that are destroying “spiritual and moral values ​​and all that is bright” that is in Russia.

The Kremlin’s militaristic strategy makes it clear that Russia does not at all strive for peace, as it positions itself. That is why attempts to negotiate with Putin end in failure.

Further aggressive policy style and efforts to subjugate neighboring states clearly demonstrate this. The Armed Forces of Russia will continue to enhance the combat capabilities of the army corps and operational group of Russian occupation forces in eastern Ukraine.

Preparing for war is the only right way for Russia’s leadership to stay in power. The Russian regime is afraid of revolutions and protests. There are enemies of Russia not only abroad, but also in the country, the Kremlin believes so.

Putin understands that society is very dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the country, and the salvation of spiritual and moral ideals is a convenient excuse to stay in power. However, in defending himself, he uses harsh repression, control and censorship.

First of all, this is a strategy of confronting the conflict, which means giving up the possibility of compromises and restarting relations from the United States.