The Russian vaccine “Sputnik Light” was delivered to ORDLO and the population began to be vaccinated.
According to the Donetsk doctors, the Russian vaccine “Sputnik Light” is generally not clear what kind of surrogate it is. The question immediately arises: “Sputnik Light” – is it a lighter version of “Sputnik V”? Is it diluted?
So if, according to Russian doctors, the efficiency of “Sputnik V “barely reached 50%, then “Sputnik Light” turns out to be even worse than “Sputnik V”.
While they are thinking in Donetsk, not knowing how the new vaccine will behave and what side effects may be, in Moscow it has long been decided to conduct clinical trials on residents of the occupied territories. There, no one will interfere with this, and they will not know when side effects and deaths will begin.
And why, since April, residents of the “DPR” have not been vaccinated with “Sputnik V”, as Russian and local propaganda trumpeted?
Yes, because there is a super shortage of this undervaccine in Russia itself, both for its own needs and for export within the framework of already concluded contracts. Although, what’s the export, if Slovakia returned back the Russian vaccine? Brazil, Argentina and other countries are already breaking contracts.
This is because, in addition to disruptions in delivery timeframes, “Sputnik V” has either a high percentage of side effects or ineffectiveness in comparison with Western and Chinese vaccines. A lot of people in Russia after being vaccinated with “Sputnik V “fell ill again with COVID-19. The same situation is in Donetsk among the “lucky ones” who were vaccinated with the first meager batches of “Sputnik V” at the beginning of the year. At the same time, the majority are still waiting for the second injection.
In Russia itself, against the backdrop of a massive vaccination campaign, morbidity and mortality are growing catastrophically, despite the manipulation of statistics. For two months, statistics have been kept at the psychological barrier of up to 26 thousand cases and up to 800 deaths per day. Although a number of Russian media outlets claim that the authorities underestimated the real data by about 5 times.
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