The US Congress calls for the convening of an international tribunal on Lukashenkо’s crimes, as well as introducing new financial sanctions against the Belarusian dictator.

         Christopher Smith, co-chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the House of Representatives, said that Lukashenkо is very frightened and desperate that he may lose power. “This is a very dangerous state, he is ready for anything in relation to the Belarusian people. He is ready for any violence, and the United States must fully understand this – and act proactively. We must be prepared to establish an international tribunal for its crimes. ”

Earlier, the American congressmen sent a letter to the IMF with an appeal to block the allocation of $ 1 billion to the Belarusian regime. This amount is a part of the global assistance to the countries of the world. It should should be used for restoring the economy, but there is no control over spending, and the junta in Belarus can spend money on new terrorist attacks as well as support for murderers and executioners.