Over the past day, August 10, Russian-controlled armed groups 16 times opened fire on the Ukrainian Army positions.That’s according to the Joint Forces Operation HQ press center, Ukrinform reports.
“Over the past 24 hours, on August 10, sixteen ceasefire violations were recorded in the Joint Forces Operation zone,” the statement said.
Near Vodiane, in the Sea of Azov littoral, the invaders fired three times at the positions of our defenders, employing 122mm artillery systems, 82mm mortars, and small arms.Also, Russian mercenaries shelled the settlement of Vodiane from 122mm artillery and 82mm mortars, destroying private households. Fortunately, the attack brought no civilian casualties.
The enemy was also firing toward Nevelske, using heavy automatic grenade launchers, large-calibe machine guns, and small arms.
Near Maryinka, Russian mercenaries fired at Ukrainian positions with anti-tank missiles.
Near New York, the enemy fired twice using 122mm artillery systems and 120caliber mortars.
In the area of ​Katerynivka, Russian invaders twice fired at Ukrainian positions employing heavy automatic grenade launchers and MANPADs, as well as large-caliber machine guns and small arms.
Toward Pisky, the enemy twice used easel and anti-tank grenade launchers.