At the end of June, Lithuania was attacked by illegal migrants from Belarus.
Lukashenkо began transferring people in the open from Iraq to the border with Lithuania. As a result, in a month and a half, 4.1 thousand illegal immigrants entered Lithuania (more than 3 thousand are Iraqis). Moreover, for the whole 2020, there were only 80 people.
After a month and a half, the crisis was stopped. Lithuania took tough measures – began physically blocking the border and return illegal immigrants to Belarus. Besides,the EU intervened and put pressure on Iraq to suspend flights to Minsk.
As a result: thanks to the physical blocking of the border, no illegal immigrant has entered Lithuania for 4 days. At the same time, at least 100 people are returned to Belarus every day. And that is a problem for Lukashenko.
Since it is impossible to penetrate into Lithuania, and they are not particularly favored in Belarus, illegal immigrants began wading into Poland and Latvia. Over the past day in Poland, 50 people were detained, in Latvia – almost one and a half hundred.
Against this background, Russia, with the participation of Belarus, is launching an information attack. The main narrative is “Lithuanians are Nazis and violators of human rights,” and despite the fact that the attack by migrants is in shreds so far, the course of political destabilization of Lithuania continues.