President Alexander Lukashenko, who seized power in Belarus, drove himself into a trap and became completely dependent on Russian President Vladimir Putin.
There has been already done and said a lot by Lukashenko. As an ordinary dictator, the self-proclaimed “president” of Belarus, until a certain moment tried to maintain a so-called independence
As a result of the sanctions imposed on Belarus and personally on him, he was offended. And now Lukashenko is flying planes from Iraq in order to bring problems to the European Union and in particular to Lithuania, which has given political asylum to his opponents by transporting illegal migrants to the border with Lithuania. After these events, no one else will shake hands with him. Now he is not independent.
Now Lukashenko is financially completely dependent on Putin. The economy of Belarus, essentially , no longer works. It almost depends on Russia. And this could be the end of the state of Belarus as such …