Over the past few years, the Kremlin has been actively using Wagner’s private military company to fuel protests, train insurgents, or support authoritarian regimes.
“Wagnerians” willingly play the role of a private security company: they guard the facilities of the Russian oligarchs, accompany sea transportation. In Sudan, for example, they are covering for gold mines. This is a common scheme of influence – with the help of military force to destabilize the situation in the region, and then,in exchange for the resources of the countries to help maintain peace. It is also an excellent reason to justify the presence of Russian military formations there and perform anti-Western influence.
The official Kremlin continues to deny the existence of private military companies, since the use of mercenaries is prohibited by law. However, for several years , the presence of PMC “Wagner” was recorded in Syria,Libya and Sudan.
While promising support to leaders or opposition figures, the Kremlin is actually interested in prolonging the conflict in order to obtain the right to export natural resources for a pittance, sell weapons, its guards, and deploy its military bases, as it seeks to do in Sudan. PMC “Wagner” has become an instrument of influence and rapid response. For several years, the “Wagnerians” have rooted their contingent in Africa, and distinguished themselves in Ukraine. They are capable of deploying subversive activities at any point, and they need to be countered only by international efforts.