A large-scale psychological operation of the Russian special services under the name “The USA is not a reliable partner” has been going on in the information space for several days. It is being carried out within the framework of the Taliban’s coming to power in Afghanistan. They say this is the blame of the USA.
But the essence of this psychological operation is not just discrediting the United States and inflicting informational reputation losses on it, but undermining trust among Washington’s allies in the world.
The Afghan crisis was inevitable, since the only restraining force for the Taliban was the US army. But how long the US Army should have been in this country? Another 10 years, 20 years or 50 years? The United States withdrew its troops and handed over the care of the country to the Afghan army, which outnumbered the Taliban by 4 times and was well -equipped. But, the Afghan army seems like it is full of cowards and defeatists. They never wanted to fight and defend its people, not 50 years ago, not 100 years ago. While for the Taliban, war is the only reason for living. .
It seems that Russia liked this kind of topic so much that it will not regret any money for it. Indeed, why put out fires in Yakutia and fight covid when money can be used to fight the world’s evil.