August 2021 will be the most stressful month for the Russian government in the last few years. And there are both internal and external reasons for that. The fact is that now Russia is experiencing not only serious internal, political and social upheavals, but also external ones.

The internal shocks include the coronavirus pandemic, which took thousands of Russian lives over the summer. These are indicative of mortality and morbidity, finally putting an end to the credibility of the Russian vaccine.

Also this year, record-breaking fires were recorded in the modern history of Russia. The interesting fact is that the country’s authorities did not seek to direct all forces and means to extinguish them. The pandemic and fires became the main internal factor that reduced public confidence in the government.

An external factor was a number of defeats in the geopolitical arena, primarily in Ukraine. Despite large-scale efforts, failed to disrupt the visit to Ukraine, on the 30th anniversary of independence, of Ecumenical Patriarch.

Russia, regardless of using unprecedented measures, failed to disrupt the Crimean Platform summit, which not only took place but also became the largest international event on the issue of the occupied peninsula organized in Ukraine.

In fact, many years of lobbying in the international community for the idea of recognizing Crimea as Russia’s territory have failed miserably. Russia not only spent a huge amount of money on the maintenance of the territory occupied in Ukraine, but also on the promotion of ideas to legitimize the occupation of the peninsula, which eventually turned out to have almost zero effect.