Today in the Russian Federation there are two subjects.
The first is about how President Biden allegedly sleeps at a meeting with the Israeli prime minister. But if you watch the full video, it is clear that this is another fake.

The second is about an article in Politico, which allegedly criticizes the Crimean platform as an initially senseless and fruitless venture. Russia is stepping up work to create difficulties in relations with partners in the context of the Crimean platform.

There is no material on “Politico” with theses that Russians are now promoting. There is an article where the summit is simply mentioned as an event and the composition of the American delegation.

Two “American” stories are being unrolled on the eve of the visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States – an attempt to create a negative background.

The growth in the number of targeted information attacks is a sign that Ukraine is able to do something efficiently and that the task for Russia is no longer being solved by whipping up a common zeal.

The conclusion is simple: as the number of quality initiatives from Ukraine increases, Russia will no longer have enough resources to discredit.