Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a $ 200 bribe to be paid to law enforcement officials and military personnel as he seeks support from his unpopular United Russia party, hoping for support in next month’s parliamentary elections.
The cash payments follow earlier lump sum payments to retirees of $ 135 ahead of the September elections to the lower house of the State Duma, when United Russia’s ratings were hit by rising prices coupled with falling wages.
The payments are being made at a time when the Russian authorities are struggling to stem skyrocketing inflation, with Putin several times since late 2020 ordered his government to take action to impose price controls.
United Russia ratings have dropped to historic lows in recent years after the government adopted a controversial pension plan in 2018 and the country’s economy stagnated. Annual inflation has reached 6.5%, according to the state Central Bank. Incidentally, this is the largest increase since the 2014 currency crisis. Further it will be even more interesting …