Russian propaganda is promoting the thesis that the West 2021 exercises made Europe flinch after the completion of this costly action with the participation of 200,000 troops from both sides. Moscow is increasingly turning Belarus into a springboard for expanding its aggressive actions in the European direction. To demonstrate loyalty to the Kremlin within the framework of the “Union State”, Lukashenko continues to mercilessly drain the country’s sovereignty, turning it into a gateway for the active sabotage work of the Russian special services.
It is important for the Russian Federation to further build up its military presence in the European border area, and therefore provocations are being implemented in order to legalize the presence of Russian troops in the country on a permanent basis.
An episode that favors this practice is the situation around the “shelling” of the Belarusian border sign, allegedly from the territory of Ukraine. The purpose of the PsyOps , implemented by the GRU(special force of RF), is to consolidate the key message about the attack on Belarusian territory from the Ukrainian side. The Russians decided to secure the image of an “aggressor country” for Ukraine. The main goal for them is the destabilization of Ukraine from the north and the introduction of troops into Belarus.
In addition, according to the information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the units of the armies of Russia and Belarus, which took part in the Zapad-2021 exercises, will be fully returned to their places of permanent deployment only by mid-October. Thus, Moscow and Minsk will be able to keep the neighboring countries in suspense for about a month.
What does the strengthening of the Russian military presence lead to is well known to Ukraine on the example of the Crimea, which Russia also actively militarized before the operation, which ended with the occupation of the peninsula.