On Monday, September 27, a draft of a new three-year cybersecurity strategy was approved at a meeting of Japan’s cybersecurity headquarters. In a document published on the agency’s website, Russia, China and the DPRK are mentioned as the main sources of threat.
“The security situation around Japan is becoming increasingly dire and cyberspace has become a place of competition between countries, reflecting geopolitical tensions. It is believed that China, Russia and North Korea are strengthening their cyberspace capabilities and conducting cyberattacks aimed at stealing information,” it says.
The document also states that China is conducting cyberattacks in order to obtain military and other advanced technologies, and Russia – to achieve beneficial military and political goals in other countries.
To strengthen cyber potential, Japan intends to work closely with the participants in the Quadripartite Dialogue on Security, which also includes Australia, India and the United States, the approved strategy says.