The Italian band Måneskin, which won Eurovision 2020, misspelled “Kiev” in Latin. When announcing the concert in the Ukrainian capital, they spelled it as Kiev.
The musicians did not pay attention to the fact that they used the wrong transliteration in the Russian manner. Because, in fact, in Latin transliteration, Kiev is spelled as Kyiv.

Photo from the Måneskin Instagram page

Vigilant fans

Some of the fans of the band noticed this nuance in the comments right away. People wrote to the artists that the Ukrainian sound of the name of the capital of Ukraine is reproduced exactly by the form “Kyiv” and not some other one.

When will the concert take place?

The Italians are due to perform onstage at the Stereoplaza club on March 7, 2022. Ticket sales will start on September 30.
It is indicative that right after the Kyiv concert Måneskin posters list Russian gigs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They are planned for March 9th and 11th.

Rocked out in Moscow to Go_A hit

At the end of summer, Måneskin has already toured in Moscow. This made the Ukrainian fans angry but they still liked one episode of the show. In the capital of the aggressor country Italians danced to the hit of Go_A Ukrainians, who were also one of the favorites of the last Eurovision.

Why the Kyiv not Kiev campaign began?

Having reestablished its statehood, Ukraine has started to fight for the return of its own names. As countries are immediately associated with capitals, it was crucial to convey to the world that Kyiv is the main city of Ukrainians. It’s a misspelling of the Latin “Kiev” that dates back centuries of oppression by the Russian Empire and the USSR. Consequently, the transliteration of Kyiv is a restatement of historical justice.