More than half of Britons are unhappy with the way things are going after Brexit, and the number of people with this opinion is increasing.
This is evidenced by a new poll by a British international Internet-based firm YouGov.

53% of Britons surveyed said Brexit was “going badly”, up 15 percentage points from June, when people were asked the same question.

The “bad” camp can be split into two parts: those who thought Brexit was going “quite badly” (21%) and those who said it was “very bad” (32%).

The number of people who viewed Brexit positively fell by 7 percentage points from June to 18% – of whom 14% said it was going ‘fairly well’ and only 4% said it was going “very well”.

In addition, 21% of respondents said Brexit was going ‘neither good nor bad’ and 8% could not decide on a response.
A total of 6,546 British adults took part in the survey.