The news that Mexico received another batch of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine caused a storm of indignation in Russian society. This is due to the fact that only according to official data, 7,420,913 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the Russian Federation, as well as 203,900 deaths. But these figures are hard to believe, because the Russian media regularly report on overcrowded crematoria and a lack of places in cemeteries.
There is not enough production capacity in Russia, and those that do exist do not meet international standards. On September 15, it was reported that WHO has suspended approval of “Sputnik V” pending a new inspection of the manufacturer’s plant. In June, an expert group of the World Health Organization revealed irregularities in the production of a drug at one of the Russian enterprises.
The Russian authorities are saving Mexico, while a new wave of the pandemic is gaining strength in Russia. The situation is getting worse every day, but federal officials let the situation go by itself, abandoning lockdowns, despite the failure to vaccinate the population. In addition, the Russian authorities signed dozens of contracts for the supply of Sputnik V to other countries, disrupting vaccinations outside the Russian Federation.