The Russian State Library for Youth has purchased a comic about the bloody dictator of the Soviet regime, Joseph Stalin. It is stated in the data of the register of public procurement of the Russian Federation. The publication “Stalin: the path from a seminarian to the leader of the nation. Biography in comics” was among the books purchased to replenish funds in late September.
The comic is about Stalin’s participation in the intra-party struggle, collectivization and repression of the 1930s, as well as the dictator’s relationship with his wife and daughter.
Stalin was named “one of the strongest in the world of the twentieth century “ in this book.
Due to the Kremlin’s constant propaganda of the “values” of the Soviet occupation and Stalin’s “merits” personally, the Russians’ positive attitude toward the dictator has reached record levels in recent years: more than 70 percent of Russian citizens have praised his role in history.