On October 7, 2021, the statute of limitations in the case of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya expired.
Thus, the perpetrators of the crime, whose names the investigation has not named yet, have officially avoided responsibility, according to Novaya Gazeta, where Politkovskaya worked.
“The investigation delayed this date as much as it could, because the customer is a policy. And, apparently, great politics, ”wrote Serhiy Sokolov, the newspaper’s deputy editor-in-chief.
Despite this, the editorial board intends to seek a reopening of the investigation into Politkovskaya’s murder and the disclosure of the customer’s name.
The children of the murdered journalist still hopе that the perpetrator of the crime will be identified, said the lawyer Anna Stavytska. The issue of his release from liability under the statute of limitations can be decided only by a court, the lawyer stressed.
Anna Politkovskaya, human rights activist and columnist for Novaya Gazeta, was the author of critical articles about the Russian government and the situation in Chechnya, especially human rights violations. On October 7, 2006, the journalist was shot dead in an elevator at her home in central Moscow.
Serhiy Khadzhikurbanov and Lom-Ali Gaitukayev, who died in a penal colony in June 2017 for unknown reasons, were sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of Politkovskaya’s murder. Three more were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment – Rustam, Ibrahim and Jabrail Mahmudov.