British intelligence agencies told the government that a Russian agent had stolen a coronavirus vaccine formula developed by AstraZeneca. In the Russian Federation, it was used in the development of the “Sputnik V” drug. This was reported by the newspaper The Sun, citing sources, which is quoted by a number of British media outlets.

British intelligence agencies claim they have evidence that the Russian Federation has stolen the vaccine project. It is noted that the data was personally stolen by a foreign agent.

In September 2020, Russia published the results of two early clinical trials showing that the Sputnik V vaccine is safe and effective.

The Russian-made vaccine uses a technology similar to the AstraZeneca vaccine, both of which use a weakened form of adenovirus.

Although these allegations come from anonymous sources cited in the media, the British government has repeatedly stated that Russia has at least tried to subvert those who produce vaccines in Britain.

The late Secretary of State for Security James Brokenshire has publicly stated that the country is “95% confident” of the hacking attempt.

The British government has not commented on the information about the theft of the vaccine formula yet.