The Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa stated that a state of emergency will be declared in the country due to the gas crisis.
Gavrilitsa said that a new round of talks took place in Moscow on Thursday, but there is no final agreement with Gazprom at the moment and “there is no certainty” that the authorities will be able to reach an agreement on the conclusion of the agreement.
“The Moldovan gas market has a gas shortage of about 16 million cubic meters. The required gas volumes in October were covered by only 67%. The pressure in the gas transmission network has reached a critical level, which could disrupt the functioning of gas systems. As Moldovagaz does not keep promises , it does not provide the necessary gas pressure at the inlet, we are forced to urgently move to an alternative plan, “Gavrilitsa said.
The Prime Minister stressed that the government intends to continue negotiations with Gazprom. “If an agreement is never reached, we will take other measures to ensure the country’s energy security,” Gavrilitsa added.
One can only guess which country will become another victim of Russian gas manipulations …