The hacker group Nobelium, which was behind the largest series of cyberattacks on SolarWinds and the hacking of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is conducting a new large-scale operation. This was stated by cybersecurity experts from Microsoft.

They claim that connected with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, the Nobelium group is trying to attack the global chains of IT providers.

The statement said that Nobelium carried out almost 23,000 cyberattacks from July to October. However, the success of such cyberattacks was low.

The company claims that these hackers are connected with Russia.

“Nobelium is trying to use the method used in previous attacks against organizations that are an integral part of global supply chains in the IT sector,” the document said.

According to Microsoft, the victims of hackers, including organizations that provide information services; in particular, it was about services in the field of “cloud services”: hackers tried to connect to the means of direct access of these organizations, to the IT-systems of their clients. Microsoft began monitoring the hacking campaign in May 2021, and has since reported more than 140 companies and organizations being attacked by Nobelium. At the same time, hackers were able to disrupt the services of 14 organizations.

It will be recalled that Microsoft has stated that more than half of all cyberattacks in the world are carried out from Russia.