Halloween has already passed this year, but the scary stories from the Russian Federation still continue to terrify.

So, in the city of Timashevsk the body of the dead woman was laid on asphalt right in front of the administration building. The reason was that the woman’s relatives demanded $ 99 for transporting the body from the hospital to the morgue, although such a service should be free.

The morgue would have been willing to accept the body from the police, but they could not help the man. The police told him that such an action is not provided for in the job description. As a result, the woman’s body was taken to the administration building.

And although officials have assured that the situation is under control, but such a problem in Russia is large-scale.

The man in the video is the son of a dead woman, begging the local authorities to help. However, in vain, the result of the protest – the son of the deceased woman was hospitalized with a heart attack.