Ukraine supported two major climate agreements, which were presented at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. This was reported on the conference website.

The first agreement stipulates that by 2030 the process of deforestation should be stopped, after which its restoration will begin. In addition to Ukraine, the declaration was supported by more than 120 countries.

The heads of state and government who signed the declaration promised to intensify joint efforts to preserve forests and other terrestrial ecosystems, as well as accelerate their restoration. The need to empower indigenous peoples, who primarily suffer from the exploitation of natural resources and forest degradation is also mentioned there.

The second major agreement, presented in Glasgow, calls for a 30% reduction in methane emissions, a greenhouse gas that is actively extracted in landfills from livestock, oil and gas wells, by 2030. The contribution of methane to global warming today is about 0.5 degrees from pre-industrial levels.

This agreement was supported by about 100 countries, not including China, India and Russia.

In addition, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke at the Glasgow summit, saying that Ukraine’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% by 2030.

According to official data, last year the volume of emissions into the atmosphere of Ukraine decreased by 8% – from 2.1 million tons to 1.92 million tons. The reduction in air pollution is explained by the fall in industrial production due to the pandemic.