Russian President Vladimir Putin and self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko have signed an integration decree of the Union State. The decree approves 28 union programs.

Programs on the Union State include the integration of monetary systems, general principles of tax collection, common approaches to pensions and social security issues, the fight against terrorism, mutual access to public procurement and public procurement. In addition, macroeconomic policy will become common, countries will integrate payment systems and monetary policy, form common oil and gas markets, and so on.

The main theses from the online conference of Putin and Lukashenko:

1. Lukashenko proposed to reform the Union media, to create a single media holding of the Union State.

2. The cost of energy resources for Minsk is 9-10 times lower than spot prices in Europe, and 3-4 times cheaper than under long-term contracts with Europe.

3. Belarus and Russia intend to strengthen the regional grouping of the Union State.

4. A Belarusian astronaut may be included in the ISS.

5. Russia and Belarus are to adopt a number of documents to deepen cooperation, in particular in the economic and military spheres.

6. Belarus and Russia begin to reset the common economic space.

7. At present, the union state with Russia is the highest priority in international politics for Belarus.

8. Putin and Lukashenko approve decisions of the Supreme State Council of the Russian Federation and Belarus, including on the updated military doctrine and migration concept

9. At a meeting of the Supreme State Council, Putin and Lukashenko approved 28 union programs, and in February they plan a referendum in Belarus on a new Constitution.

It seems that Belarus may be part of Russia earlier than one could imagine.