Poland says the Belarusian side has prepared the largest border assault to date by illegal immigrants.

This was stated by the speaker of Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, Stanislaw Zaryn, on Monday.

“Very alarming information from the border. A large group of migrants has gathered in Belarus, near the border with Poland. They have just headed towards the border with the Republic of Poland. They will try to enter Poland en masse,” Zaryn wrote on Twitter.

According to him, the group, formed by the Belarusians, is dominated by young people. Zaryn called it “the greatest attempt of forceful invasion of Poland” coordinated by the Belarusian side.

“Additional information indicates that the group is under the strict control of armed Belarusians. They are deciding which path the group will take. This is another hostile Belarusian action against Poland,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, video footage of a large group of migrants heading towards the Polish border began to appear on the internet. Charter97 reported that the video was taken on Monday morning near the Bruzgi border crossing.

Stanisław Żaryn/Twitter