The Baltic states are seeing “the most volatile security crisis of the last 30 years”, said Estonian Defence Minister Kalle Laanet.

“The situation is becoming even more severe due to the recent escalation of tensions and Russia’s actions toward Ukraine,” he said in statement published by the Estonian public broadcaster, ERR News. “Taken together, this is the most difficult security crisis for our region, NATO and the EU in decades.”

His comments came in response to the hundreds of migrants attempting to forcibly enter Poland from Belarus. Warsaw says the attempts are being orchestrated by the Minsk regime.

Lithuania has now moved to declare a state of emergency on its border with Belarus.

In response, Laanet said “a continuous exchange of information is necessary to prevent escalation due to misinformation or erosion of [NATO’s] determination”.

He added that the Estonian Defence Ministry is “putting together proposals for additional support to Poland and Lithuania”.