“Isolation” is an illegal prison created by the Russian occupation authorities on the territory of the cultural center of the same name in Donetsk after the city’s seizure in 2014.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, about 3.5 thousand people were held in the prison at various times, of which 1.6 thousand are civilians. In “Isolation”, prisoners are tortured and sexually abused.

Bellingcat investigators found a trace of the Russian FSB in the organization of the illegal prison “Izolyatsia”, where, in particular, Ukrainian prisoners are kept in inhuman conditions.

This was announced on the air of Svoboda Savik Shuster by investigative journalist Hristo Grozev.

He explained that they became interested in the activities of “Izolyatsia” after meeting with the former prisoner, Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseev.

According to him, prior to this acquaintance Bellingcat managed to establish the Russian citizenship of three executioners – “inspectors” or “warders”: “Russia issued citizenship to those people who tortured there.”

It was the Russian special services that supervised the executioners.

“This is really the structure of the FSB, all the FSB curators who were there tried to defend themselves by means of fictitious persons and nicknames, but we were still able to find the real curators in a year. And now we are finishing the investigation together with our colleagues from the Russian Insider and Radio Liberty. We will publish soon and will name the names of these curators, “said Grozev.

The journalist says that the publication is still figuring out how the head of Izolyatsia, Kulikovsky, ended up in Ukraine after he traveled from CADLO to Russia and escaped justice for two years.

Detention of Kulikovsky

The head of prison “Izolyatsia” Kulikovsky was detained on November 9 in Kyiv.

According to the SBU, he organized and was directly involved in the killings and torture of prisoners of Ukrainian citizens.

The militant was detained within the framework of a previously open criminal proceeding under 4 articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Art. 149 (human trafficking); Art. 258-3 (creation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization); Art. 260 (creation of paramilitary or armed formations not provided for by law); Art. 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war).

On November 10, the Primorsky District Court of Mariupol arrested the militant Denis Kulikovsky (“Palych”), who was in charge of the “Izolyatsia” prison in occupied Donetsk.