Swedish Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist supports a proposal from the Baltic countries for an EU-led training mission in Ukraine.

“Now all eyes are fixed on Poland and on what is happening at the border, which may mean that Ukraine will be somewhat in the shadows. The issue of Ukraine is always relevant, our solidarity must always be very clear. We consider it very important to highlight the EU’s ambitions to contribute to the security and sovereignty of Ukraine,” Hultqvist said to Swedish Radio News.

According to the minister, Sweden wants to find out how it can make its contribution.

It is noted that this may mean that Swedish soldiers can be sent to Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops against the background of the build-up of Russian forces on the eastern border of Ukraine.

“Of course, we must be open to that,” he added.

As reported, the training mission proposal came from the Baltic countries after the reports on the build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

Earlier, The Mirror wrote that a trained group of up to 600 British troops is ready to be deployed in Ukraine amid fears that Moscow is preparing a military invasion of the neighboring country. Preparations began after the British Ministry of Defence and MI6 intelligence informed the Government about the obvious and real danger to Ukraine and Western countries.

Britain’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter, warned that there was a greater risk of an accidental war breaking out between the West and Russia than at any time since the Cold War.

According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, as of early November 2021, a group of troops totaling about 90,000 people was concentrated near the Ukrainian border and in the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.