Special services of the Russian Federation and Belarus continue to carry out a hybrid attack on Poland, using Middle Eastern migrants. An intensified “war of nerves” is going on to provoke some fatal mistakes on the Polish side, which will be presented as inhumane behavior of the entire Western world. Propagandists of the Russian Federation, like Skabeeva, praise Lukashenko: the caring dictator not only established a “Belarusian transit” for Kurds with the help of the GRU but also helps them to equip the camp, bringing them water and firewood.

The blockade of the Bruzgi-Kuznitsa checkpoint was taken into by about two thousand migrants. Border guards of Lukashenko encourage migrants by shooting so that they can break through to the European Union faster, or at least throw stones at border guards of Poland.

At the same time, dangerous military maneuvers by Russian troops (about 100,000 troops) in the immediate vicinity of the Ukrainian state border are intensifying, and this is causing concern to Western countries at all levels. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned the Russian Federation that the North Atlantic Alliance firmly supported Ukraine and stressed the need to reduce tensions on the border of the east of Ukraine and prevent escalation. The situation may get out of control … Germany and France have threatened the Russian Federation to react to its actions quickly in case of violation of the borders of Ukraine. The chief of the Defence Staff of the United Kingdom, General Sir Nicholas Carter, said that the military should be ready for war with the Russian Federation because of the manifestations of tensions in Eastern Europe.

Another problem manifested itself in the border areas of Azerbaijan and Armenia again. Hardly a year has passed since the “autumn war” but the GRU strikes sparks of a new war between problematic neighbors. For several days now it has not been calm in the Kelbajar and Lachin regions, where shootings took place because of the provocation carried out by Armenia, and the Russian “peacekeepers” began to help solve the problem. Actually, for the same purpose, the Kremlin is exacerbating the situation on the borders between Belarus and Poland and between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, so that they will turn to the Kremlin as a great authority in solving international problems, which is artificially created itself.