The Ukrainian men’s team has won the European team chess championship for the first time in history.

The tournament was hosted by Slovenia’s Čatež ob Savi in 2021.

The Ukrainians were not favorites but they secured 5 wins in 9 rounds, with another 4 matches ending in a draw, thus scoring 14 points.

France also has the same number of points, but the French are second on additional points. Team bronze went to Poland.

One of the key matches of the seventh round on 19 November, when Ukraine beat the reigning champion Russia 2.5-1.5. Then three games ended in a draw, and the victory of the Ukrainian team was brought by Kirill Shevchenko, 19, who beat the Russian Kyrylo Shevchenko.

In the final round, our team defeated the Armenians 3-1 (Korobov and Volokitin won, Shevchenko and Onishchuk drew).

In general, the Ukrainians did not lose a single game in the tournament.

The line-up of the “gold” men’s national team of Ukraine: Anton Korobov, Andrii Volokitin, Yurii Kuzubov, Kyrylo Shevchenko and Volodymyr Onyshchuk. The head coach of the national team of Ukraine is Oleksandr Sulypa, the coach is Martin Kravtsiv.