Ex-Pentagon employee Jane Murray Rowe has been arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia. This was reported by the United States Department of Justice.

Jane Rowe had worked in various companies under contract with the US Department of Defense for about 40 years and had had access to top secret information about aerospace technology of the US Air Force.

Rowe was caught in the course of an operation carried out by the US special services. He agreed to cooperate with an FBI agent, whom he regarded as “an agent of the Russian authorities”.

An FBI agent, posing as a Russian agent, met Jane Rowe in March 2020, and they had been corresponding for eight months.

Roe reaffirmed his “willingness to work with the government of the Russian Federation and discuss his knowledge of classified information related to US national security and military interests.”

As a result, the agent was able to obtain secret information about the means of electronic suppression of US military aircraft from Jane Rowe. Jane Rowe is arrested and charged with attempting to transmit information about national defense to foreign authorities.

He will face trial and may experience life imprisonment.