Minister of National Defense of Lithuania Arvydas Anušauskas says that his country is ready to support Ukraine in every possible way amid a possible new Russia’s invasion and to hand over lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Anušauskas made a corresponding statement at a press conference in Rukla on December 19.

“We need to support Ukraine with all means, which includes the delivery of lethal weapons,” LRT quoted Anušauskas as saying.

The minister did not specify what kind of weapon he meant and when Ukraine could count on it, Diena reports.

“I will not give a direct answer now, this is a matter of multilateral agreement, because several states are involved, not only donor and recipient of weapons but also manufacturer and supplier,” Anušauskas said.

He revealed Lithuania’s readiness to hand over lethal weapons to Ukraine at a joint press conference with German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, who arrived in Lithuania on a visit to her country’s soldiers.

“Seeing the situation on Ukraine’s borders, I can only imagine how our society would feel if you were not here. The continued presence of Germany and other NATO Allies in Lithuania is the main guarantor of our security, and Germany is investing in Lithuania’s military infrastructure. This shows a strong commitment to the security of our region,” TV3 quoted Anušauskas as saying.

Earlier, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov declared that Ukraine needed real assistance in the armament from partners. According to him, Ukraine needs NATO to help it with offensive weapons but Ukraine will defend against the Russian aggression on its own.