The state-owned Antonov company in Kyiv has unveiled the first production military transport aircraft, the AN-178-100R.

Launching events for the aircraft took place on Tuesday, December 28. Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, said during the inspection of the aircraft that Ukraine, by producing the AN-178-100R, proves that Ukrainians know how to defend themselves.

The main purpose of An-178-100R is the transportation of people, equipment and cargo. The passenger capacity of the aircraft is 100 people. In addition, up to 86 paratroopers can be dropped from it. Another advantage is the possibility of evacuation of 38-40 wounded.

More than 30 Ukrainian enterprises, as well as suppliers from Europe, the USA and Canada have joined in the creation of the aircraft, which have produced components, in particular the first electronic control systems for the aircraft and wing mechanization control made in Ukraine.

The Antonov plant has assured that it is investing in schedules to build three aircraft for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.