The year 2022 will mark 100 years since the legendary “Shchedryk” was first performed in the USA. To mark the occasion, celebrations will be held in New York and Washington.

First Lady Olena Zelenska will be involved in the celebrations. Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, said.

Markarova emphasized that “Shchedryk” for Ukrainians and Carol of the Bells for Americans is not just the most popular Christmas song. According to the diplomat, it is also a good example of cultural diplomacy. Allegedly, this was the very mission of Olexandr Koshyts Choir that went to the USA in 1922.

The Ambassador went on to say that the choir wanted to spread information about the young Ukrainian state, which had gained independence in 1918. Unfortunately, however, it was not possible to retain it at that time. After the tour, the group did not come back to Ukraine, because the Bolsheviks came to power there.

“The choir wound up in the USA with nowhere else to return. And in the US they wrote new lyrics in English for Shchedryk”,- said Markarova.

“And it will be 100 years since that song was first performed in New York, which has captured hearts over those 100 years,” she added. According to the diplomat, a number of events are being planned in Washington and New York, among them “creative music battles”. Olena Zelenska joins the process of organizing the celebrations.

It is worth noting that Olexandr Koshyts Choir, named after its first conductor, is now active in Canada.