Ukrainian An-225 Mriya aircraft landed in Poland. It “cut” thick fog into two parts.

The video was published on Facebook by one of the eyewitnesses of the incident. According to the Flight Radar 24 service, the Mriya was flying Istanbul-Rzeszow on 9 January.

The published video shows that the area was shrouded in thick fog. Therefore, at first the video only shows the sound of the aircraft’s six approaching engines, but the aircraft itself cannot be seen.

Subsequently, the An-225 appeared directly above the observers. In doing so, the giant aircraft “cut through” the fog and successfully set off for a landing. The clouds cut by the aircraft remained split in the sky in two, leaving a streak of blue sky in the middle.

Interesting facts about the Mriya aircraft:
It was created by the Antonov State Enterprise in the late 1980s.
Mriya is the largest and most powerful transport aircraft in the world, which can carry up to 250 tons.
Back in November 2004, the Ukrainian Mriya was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for 240 records.