The USA and its allies are considering imposing an embargo on supplies of electronics and software to Russia in case of its large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This was reported by the Associated Press, The New York Times.

Namely, in addition to energy sanctions and restrictions on exports of consumer goods, the US and allies are considering a ban on sales of electronic components, software, etc. to Russia.

Russia could thus find itself next to Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria as the countries with the most trade sanctions.

This means Russia’s ability to import integrated circuits and the products containing them will be significantly limited due to the dominance of US technology in the global market.

As noted by the NYT, the ban will affect not only American manufacturers but also European, South Korean and other foreign manufacturers. Anyone who uses American chips or software.

Unlike China, Russia does not have large-scale production of such products. Consequently, such a technological embargo could extend to aviation electronics, machine tools, smartphones, game consoles, tablets and televisions. And above all, critical Russian industry, in particular the defense and civil aviation sectors.

As a consequence, Russia’s high-tech ambitions in the field of artificial intelligence or quantum computing will be affected.