Seven years ago, on 13 January 2015, Russia-backed terrorists shelled a Ukrainian bus from Grads at a roadblock near Volnovakha. The deaths of 12 people in this tragedy were further evidence of Russian aggression in Donbas.

10 people died at the scene and two more died later in hospital – all of whom were passengers on the bus. The victims included 7 women and 5 men. Almost all of the dead were registered in Donetsk or surrounding settlements.

Another 18 people, including border guards, were injured.

The shelling of the Donetsk-Mariupol highway, where the checkpoint was located, was carried out by Russia-backed terrorists for a “demonstration purpose”.

On that day, film crews of Russian and local propaganda TV channels came to Dokuchaievsk. The “DPR” militants shelled the roadblock with Grad missiles to provoke a retaliatory strike by the Ukrainian troops, which was exactly the fire the propagandists wanted to film. However, there was never a strike from the Ukrainian side.

The terrorist attack near Volnovakha is part of Ukraine’s large-scale trial against Russia at the UN International Court of Justice. Since November 2019, when the court gave the green light to examine Ukraine’s multi-volume complaints, the process has been analyzing all proven and collected human rights violations in the war zone in Donbas and in occupied Crimea. Such cases include attacks on civilians, including the deaths of 12 people on a bus near Volnovakha.