Director of the Russian-language service of RT Anton Krasovsky has threatened to burn Ukrainians on Kyiv’s Khreshchatyk together with the Ukrainian constitution, which stipulates the countries’ course for NATO membership. Krasovsky made such a statement during a conversation with the editor in chief of the Carnegie Moscow Center website, Aleksandr Baunov.

According to the propagandist, Russia will introduce troops on Ukrainian territory as soon as the action plan on Ukraine’s accession to the alliance is announced.

Krasovsky said that Russia would take over “so-called Ukraine”. He showed a fig and added “don’t even dream, critters”, implying accession to NATO. At the same time his interlocutor, Alexandr Baunov, was smiling happily.

Asked by Baunov whether Lviv was a “Russian” city, the propagandist replied that the city was named after the son of a Russian prince and therefore would also be part of Russia.

Earlier, regarding his ambitions, Krasovsky stated that Russia should return the “Belarusian provinces”.