The petition to moderate the Ukrainian segment of social media and large platforms from Ukraine, not Russia, received the required 25,000 votes.

This can be seen in the petition on the website of the Office of the President.

The petitioner asks Volodymyr Zelenskyy to contact YouTube, Facebook, and Google to open offices in Ukraine.

The text of the petition states that due to the lack of Ukrainian offices on social media platforms, the Ukrainian segment is administered from Russia. This could threaten Ukraine’s national security.

“Russia, by investing large resources, seeks to influence the work of offices of large companies, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., on its territory. At the same time, Moscow offices try to promote pro-Russian narratives through these social media. The front pages offer content from the Russian Federation by default,” the petition reads.

The authors of the petition cite the example of YouTube Music editorials for Ukrainian users, blocking Ukrainian YouTube channels due to appeals of Russian government agencies to the company’s Russian office.

“We ask the President of Ukraine to appeal to the above-mentioned companies to open offices in Ukraine and widely inform the public about this problem. This will allow moderating the information space without harming Ukraine, reduce Russia’s influence and promote Ukrainian creative industries,” the text says.