Russia makes false claims about NATO aggression to justify the “forcible unification” of Ukraine.

This was stated by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in an article for The Times.

“We should all worry because what flows from the pen of President Putin himself is a 7,000-word essay that puts ethno-nationalism at the heart of his ambitions. Not the narrative now being peddled. Not he straw man of NATO encroachment. It provides the skewed and selective reasoning to justify, at best the subjugation of Ukraine and at worst the forcible unification of this sovereign country,” said the British official.

The Defense Minister stressed that the British government does not recognize the Kremlin’s malicious activities.

“So if one cold night in January or February, Russia’s armed forces re-enter sovereign Ukraine, ignore the stories of NATO aggression and remember the words of the Russian president in this essay last summer. Remember this and ask yourself what it means not only for Ukraine but for all of us in Europe,” the minister wrote.

Earlier, British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass said that Russia was conducting a disinformation campaign aimed at destabilizing and justifying the invasion of Ukraine.