A Russian street artist left several inscriptions on the streets of Sri Lanka. Ukrainian tourist Eugene Zingerman set out to rectify the situation.

Zingerman stressed that this situation clearly demonstrates the striking difference between Ukrainian and Russian tourists.

According to Zingerman, recently in January, a billboard appeared on the southern coast of the island with the inscription “Welcome to the Krasnoyarsk region”. Subsequently, Russian tourists left a cheeky graffiti “Sri Lanka is ours ! (Шри-Ланка наш!)” on the fence. Most Russians rejoiced at this prank of their compatriots; they even showed a story about it on television. At the same time, the Ukrainian called it “occupy rahulism”.

It turned out that the drawings were the work of Russian street artist Sergey Ovseykin. Zingerman decided to correct his graffiti. So now instead of “Sri Lanka is ours!” you can read “Sri Lanka is amazing!(Шрі-Ланка дивовижна!)”.

Graffiti on the streets of Sri Lanka – before and after / Photo by Eugene Zingerman

The Ukrainian noted that the island is truly free and amazing, no matter who says what. “While I was writing, several #Russians stopped by. Telling me how cool it was. And, in my opinion, these two photos are the difference between them and us” Zingerman pointed out.

Incidentally, unknown persons subsequently sketched the words on the billboard about the Krasnoyarsk region as well. One would think that this was Ovseykin’s personal initiative. However, it turned out that he was supported by a number of fellow countrymen.

To choose which inscription to make, the street artist held a “contest” in social networks. The winning version, in his own words, got an “absolute majority of votes. The man even rewarded one of his followers with 100 roubles.