Airliners with weapons on board flock to Ukraine. USA, UK, Canada, Baltic countries sent hundreds of tons of weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian army. If the diplomats fall silent, the cannons begin to speak. But it may not come to this if Russia understands that Ukraine has such weapons that will make it impossible for the aggressor to win or will nullify all its efforts.
What kind of weapons did Ukraine receive and from which countries?

Great Britain. For several days in a row, British military transport aircraft delivered NLAW anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine. This weapon is a tank killer for close combat or for the city. Characteristics of NLAW: range of destruction – up to eight hundred meters. The missile explodes above the tank and penetrates 500 mm armor. This means that NLAW can destroy any armored vehicle of the Russian army.

Lithuania and Latvia. To repel an attack from the sky, the Baltic countries give a helping hand to Ukraine. Lithuania and Latvia, with the permission of the United States, will transfer “Stinger” man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. They are capable of shooting down combat aircraft, helicopters and drones at a distance of up to four and a half kilometers and at an altitude of almost four kilometers. These complexes were actively used against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, and their appearance changed the course of that war.

США дозволили країнам Балтії відправити в Україну зброю

Czech. The Czech Republic did not stand aside either. They announced that the country would either sell or provide Ukraine with 152-mm shells. This is one of the most powerful ammunition in artillery.

Чехія планує надати Україні найбільш дефіцитні в ЗСУ артснаряди калібру 152  мм - Центр журналістських розслідувань

USA. On Saturday night, another shipment of weapons from the United States arrived in Ukraine. In total – 90 tons. And there are many more interesting things. Including Javelin complexes, which have already been talked about a lot. Congress intends to supply Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine. In addition, the United States has prepared a bill on lend-lease to protect democracy in Ukraine, which aims to simplify the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. Previously, lend-lease worked against the Nazis in World War II, now it can work against Russia.

Киев получил 80 тонн боеприпасов от Вашингтона, заявило посольство США -  РИА Новости, 15.11.2021

Ukraine is the main shield from Russian aggression for the West, so the list of countries that help resist the “Putin regime” continues to grow every day.