The Ukrainian Armed Forces have risen by 3 points in the ranking of the world’s strongest armies and hold 22nd place out of 140.

The Global Firepower Index 2022 demonstrates this.

According to the calculations of the researchers, by 2022, Ukraine has improved its index of power from 0.4396, to 0.3266 (the ideal value is 0.0000), thus leaving behind the armed forces of Canada, Poland, and Sweden.

Among 35 European countries, Ukraine took 6th place, yielding to France, the UK, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Spain.

The Global Firepower Index has been functioning since 2006 and takes into account about 50 factors, including the number of armed forces, level of technical equipment, financing, use of modern technology and logistics capabilities. The only thing that is left out is the countries’ nuclear capabilities.