Armed forces of Ukraine conducting training launches of NLAW anti-tank missile systems, delivered to Ukraine by the United Kingdom last week.

Britain provided Ukraine with 2000 missiles of light anti-tank weapons to protect against a possible Russian invasion. The unique characteristic of the weapon is that it is effective on the range up to 800 meters and can be launched from buildings.

Just after delivery, British military instructors from the “ORBITAL” training mission organized trainings of Ukraine’s military personnel on how to operate NLAW. And today first NLAW launches were conducted by the Armed forces of Ukraine in the 184 Training center.

Already several dozen servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are able not only to effectively use this weapon but can also train other Ukrainian soldiers themselves.

On Facebook, military experts from various publications write the following:
NLAW is a Swedish-British portable anti-tank guided missile. The grenade launcher is highly portable and very easy to use.

NLAW is the world’s best grenade launcher in urban areas. Russia has no analogs like this.

NLAW is Javelin for short distances.