Legislation laying down new sanctions against Russia in case the Kremlin proceeds with invading Ukraine could be approved in a matter of weeks.

That’s according to Rep. Gregory Meeks (D), Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who heads the bipartisan delegation of congressmen on their visit to Ukraine.

“We’re not talking months for sure. We’re talking no more than weeks,” Gregory Meeks said in response to an Ukrinform correspondent’s question as to how long it could take Congress to vote on the new sanctions.

“We’ll get back into session next week, we’ll have meetings and conversations and dialogue in that regard, again, so that it is clear that our resolve is together,” Rep. Meeks said, adding that he will be working with a number of other committees – on armed services and intelligence, as well as talking with members of Senate, “so that it is a bicameral voice also.”

“We don’t want any questions as to how we stand in regards to making sure that Mr. Putin understands the resolve of the United States of America if he dares cross that line,” the House Foreign Affairs Chairman concluded.

A bill was tabled in the House, authored by a group or Republicans, that offers to grant Ukraine as a NATO Plus status.

A group of Democrats then presented in Senate a bill on protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty set to introduce new sanctions against Russia and provide additional support to Ukraine.

On January 20, Rep. Jim Banks (R) presented a bill which, among other restrictive measures, offers to disconnect Russia from SWIFT.

On January 21, Gregory Meeks (D) introduced legislation providing for sanctions on Nord Stream 2, as well as personal sanctions against Vladimir Putin.

On January 27, a bipartisan delegation of U.S. congressmen arrived in Ukraine on a two-day visit to meet with Ukraine’s top officials and civil society representatives in a show of solidarity in the face of Russian aggression.