Commenting on Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a press conference with Hungarian President Viktor Orban that “Ukraine’s doctrinal documents say that they (Ukraine) are going to return Crimea, including by military means.”. Putin did not say what specific doctrinal documents he meant.

The National Security Strategy of Ukraine adopted in 2020 enshrined the current priorities of Ukraine’s national interests and national security. The text mentions Crimea only in the context of “international legal, political-diplomatic, security, humanitarian and economic measures aimed at ending its illegal occupation by the Russian Federation.” This is a direct quote from the document. As you can see, there is no mention of military methods. In addition, the Strategy identifies the need to take measures to avoid escalating military conflict with Russia.

The text of the new version of the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, approved in 2015, mentions Crimea in the context of armed aggression and violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Therefore, the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) notes that “in the conditions created by the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol and its inspiration and support for the separatist movement in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Conducting hostilities against armed groups not provided by law. In the course of repelling the aggression, the defense capabilities of the state continue to increase by transferring the economy and the system of military and public administration to operate in a special period, the mobilization of additional resources.” Therefore, there is no mention of military methods for the return of Crimea.

Both documents make it clear that the main task of Ukraine’s military security in relation to Russian aggression is to develop the potential to deter the aggressor and increase the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian army. But despite the blatant lies, Putin’s claim that Ukraine’s “doctrinal documents include offensive plans for Crimea” is very tempting for Russian propagandists, who all “predict” an attack on Crimea or Donbas by “Western-militarized Ukraine.”

Source: Stop Fake