On 4 February, the upper house of the Polish parliament approved a resolution in support of Ukraine. The document identified threats to Ukraine and to Europe as a whole.

The document was passed unanimously. All 92 senators supported it. Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andrii Deshchytsia thanked the Senate for their solidarity.

The resolution outlined that a free Ukraine is one of the guarantors of Poland’s security. The Polish government constantly supports the strategic partnership between Kyiv and Warsaw. It was stated that Ukraine is now “facing a mortal danger”. We are talking about the threat of another invasion.

“It is very important that the Polish government reliably supports our neighbor because there is no secure Poland without an independent Ukraine,” the resolution stressed.

The Polish Senate supports the provision of political and financial aid to Ukraine. In particular, arms supplies, as well as the participation of NATO member states in the training of the Ukrainian military.

Warsaw recalls that Russia has amassed a huge army on Ukraine’s borders: tanks, artillery, ships and combat aircraft. Moscow wants to destabilize the situation in Europe in this way.

“This could lead to the outbreak of the largest armed conflict since the Second World War,” the senators added.

Despite this, the Senate is convinced that dialogue with Russia is possible. However, a condition for this is the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border.